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The Botanical House’s unique design was inspired by elegant estate
homes of the past where lovingly-tended gardens were planted
to frame and enhance the architectural beauty
of interior and exterior spaces.


The worldwide love for gardens first blossomed
and developed into an art form in Europe where,
despite the long winters, the passion for plants and flowers
was so strong that the architects of stately homes created sun rooms, green houses and plant conservatories to house them.
Collecting exotic varieties and species of plants from warmer climes
and faraway places become a fashion.


The craze for all things flora-related developed over time
with botanical prints, fabrics and colorful gardens becoming all the rage.
People planted gardens in their backyards, filled their windowsills
with flower pots and decorated their homes with all sorts of floral motifs.
Gardening became a popular pastime; something to be discussed at
great length amongst family and friends. The love for flowers even inspired poetry and art, and a ‘language of love’ developed around them,
with certain flowers linked symbolically to traits such as virtue,
chastity, and devotion, but most importantly, to romance.


The Botanical House continues this tradition with a Thai twist, combining a love and appreciation for the beauty of Thai plants and flowers with a passion for providing a relaxed yet inspiring ‘home’ in which to hold the finest weddings, engagements and other memorable events.

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